The location of this project is crucial, this is a place for winter sports but it is also the door between two different regions, it is a point of inflection. So acting as a welcoming door, the building is a hotel, a spa and also the first and last place you see when reaching to this point.

The project is configured as a solid first level, attached to the ground, space for all the visitors to come and enjoy the view and the activities. Then two towers emerge like fingers trying to reach the sky, with clouds slippering through them, where all the rooms are located.

ideadiagramasimagen implantacion
F:ARQUITECTURA7º - (08-09)2º cuatrimestreP-9FINALPLANTAS

F:ARQUITECTURA7º - (08-09)2º cuatrimestreP-9FINALAXO FIN

F:ARQUITECTURA7º - (08-09)2º cuatrimestreP-9FINALseccion

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