ALMAGRO – Drama school and students residence

The are different problems faced in this project:

1-A great size building into a small village or how to deal with two different scales

2-A complex mixed program of school, residential and commercial use

3-Facing the new proposal and the old existing houses and make them a single volume.

Almagro is known in Spain for its drama tradition, it counts with drama festivals, a different kind of drama spaces, but not with a real school.

This project is implanted in an existing block, adapting to the tissue of the town, it is like fluid inside a container. The perimeter is formed by volumes of similar sizes and vernacular appearance, but the inner part of the project arises like a big atrium, the space of relation between the different programs is the first theater, where all the assistants get involved into each other. It is like a box inside a box.

F:Documents and SettingsRoberEscritorioPortfolioarchivos re

F:Documents and SettingsRoberEscritorioPortfolioarchivos re

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